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    Network Game Start Guide


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    Network Game Start Guide

    Post by Nffc4life09 on Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:28 pm

    This is a guide about creating and joining a network game. Here are the ways of how to play games with each other online.

    Hosting a game
    Open up FM
    Once at the main menu.
    Select Preferences.
    Select Network.
    Make sure Run as Server box is ticked.
    Click Confirm.
    Start a New Game.
    Load a game as normal.
    Load as many leagues as you want but the fewer you load the quicker it goes.
    Create a new manager profile and select a team to manage as normal.
    Then go to and tell the person joining your IP.

    Joining a game (Client)

    After the host has created a game, other players, can attempt join the network game.

    here are the steps to join a game :

    Select Join Network Game.
    Select Join Other Server.
    Enter You friends ip then you should join his game.

    When you do this you should see the game status screen.
    To add a user u will need to click the drop down FM box and click add manager.
    From then on you play normal as you would offline.


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